“Prof” tells his Story

Nine years ago Prof accidentally stumbled upon Young Bafana. He and his friends were playing on a pitch when YB began trials for the U11 squad. Unknowingly, Prof walked over and asked to try out.

After making the squad his journey with us began. Prof, as in Professor, got his name from the coaches here at YB after he taught an intern english. He stated, “It was a joke because usually the interns teach us things, but instead I was teaching a German man proper english.” Prof stated. “It kind of stuck from there and now most people call me prof, which does not bother me.” Prof is currently finishing his last year of studies and looking at universities to attend.

He is interested in politics but knows he does not want to be a politician. Understanding that his possibilities are endless, he has decided he wants to study international business or international relations. As for universities, Prof is in the process of deciding where he wants to go. His dream is to attend school in the United States but he is also looking at schools here in South Africa, not closing off any options. When asked his favorite thing about Young Bafana Prof stated, “YB gives hope to many children from disadvantaged backgrounds and it gives everyone belief that they can make a good life for themselves.” If he could describe his experience at YB in one word his word would be “amazing.” As of the beginning of August of 2022, Prof has applied to multiple universities and is planning to attend Cape Town University in the upcoming year.

A player of the Young Bafana Soccer Academy giving a speach at the YB Arena opening in South Africa.
A player of the Young Bafana Soccer Academy standing on a soccer pitch in South Africa with a certificate in his hands.
All of the award winners of the 2023 Young Bafana prize giving

2023 Young Bafana Prize Giving

Young Bafana Soccer Academy once again brought the spirit of celebration to the YB Arena with its much-anticipated Annual Prize Giving Ceremony on the 11th of November. This vibrant event marked a special occasion to recognise and honour the achievements of the young talents who have dedicated themselves to the world of soccer.

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Themba Baka exceeding expectations at Young Bafana

Themba’s journey of growth at YB

Meet Themba Baka. A boy from the Lwandle township who joined Young Bafana 8 years ago as a little boy – not old enough to play and struggling with schoolwork. Today he is a promising young athlete and student enjoying success on and off the football pitch thanks to the help of Young Bafana.

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Young Bafana strives towards reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

YB striving for sustainability and equality

Discover how Young Bafana Soccer Academy, nestled in South Africa, is passionately embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to drive sustainability and equality. By focusing primarily on the first five SDGs—ranging from eradicating poverty and hunger to promoting gender equality and quality education—Young Bafana empowers young athletes while actively engaging with their community.

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An intern from Germany in a team huddle with the Young Bafana players in South Africa

Job Vacancy: Internship in Event Marketing at Young Bafana

Are you passionate about sports and soccer with a heart for community upliftment? Then this internship is for you. Young Bafana is in need of an event marketing intern from December 2023 to March 2024. The internship will take place at Young Bafana in Strand, South Africa. Apply now for the experience of a lifetime at one of South Africa’s best soccer academies.

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